How to Set and Get Your 2020 Goals!

Do you have dreams and goals you want to achieve but you don’t know where to start?  

Are you confused which goals to set and which goals to prioritise?  

Are you afraid to set goals because of fear that you won’t be able to achieve them perhaps due to lack of money, time, or confidence?  

Hi Everyone! Sha Nacino here. I’m an advocate of dreaming big and setting goals! I am here to help you set and get your goals for 2019.  

Sometime in 2015, I spent 5 days in a hotel outside Manila. Agenda? To set my goals for 2015. Now, you might say, “Woah! 5 days just to set goals?!"  

At that time, I still haven’t figured out the formula for setting and getting goals.  

Prior to 2015, I’ve been learning the art and science of goal-setting. I’ve also read books. I’ve listened to talks on goal-setting, and so on. I’ve spent years learning how to set goals the right way. 

Those 5 days in 2015 helped me cement the formula for goal-setting. Through the years, I kept on fine tuning the formula. Then I tested it in my own life and among my friends.  

Goal-Setting has a Formula  

If you’ve heard me speak before, you know that I love Math! Why? Because Math makes life so much easier! Math has a formula, right? Once you know the right formula, you can solve any problem.  

As an author and a book writing coach, I’ve developed the formula for writing a book in 90 days even if you’re not a writer and even if you’re busy in your job or business. I call it The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge online course. To date, close to 100 authors have already written and published their books!  

As a productivity advocate, I developed the formula for being productive on a daily basis, a formula which allows you to accomplish your most important goals faster! It’s called The 90-Day Productivity Planner. 

There's also a formula on how to be happy daily. I shared this in my Mission Happiness Journal.  

I love creating formulas because they make life so much easier!  

In the same way, Goal Setting has a formula. Once you know the formula or blueprint, you can set the right goals and get those goals!

Goal Setting Works!  

Now back to goal setting. Through the years, I’ve developed and tweaked this goal setting formula and they worked and they keep on working!  

Here were some of the goals I set and got!  

✅ Have my own business. - Achieved! I have my own business and I also co-own a training company.  

✅ Travel all expenses paid and give talks -- Achieved! I've travelled all over the Philippines and even outside the Philippines and gave talks.  

✅ Launch the Productivity Planner -- Achieved! We launched it during Bo Sanchez's Kerygma Conference.  

✅ Earn more than enough so I can support ministries. -- Achieved! My little company has been sponsoring the Kerygma Conference as a sponsor for 4 years.  

✅ Launch WRITE University, a venue for workshops that will help people make their passion their profession. - Achieved!  

✅ Travel to Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Dubai, France, Italy, Spain, France, U.S., India, Maldives, and Holy Land in Israel. -- Achieved! Some of those travels were free because I got invited to speak.  

✅ Speak and share at The Feast in PICC before thousands of people. - Achieved!

✅ Share the stage with my mentors Dr. Larry Gamboa and Mr. Edward Lee. - Achieved!

✅ Guest at ANC on the Money. - Achieved!

✅ Display my books in the shelves of National Book Store. - Achieved!

✅ Write a career book "Is it Time to Quit Your Job?" to be published by my dream publisher Shepherds Voice Publications and launch it at The Feast PICC. - Achieved!

✅ Share the stage with Bro. Bo Sanchez. - Achieved, many times.  

✅ Travel to the Holy Land. - Achieved!

✅ Travel and Speak at the Maldives. - Achieved!

✅ Meet Jack Canfield in person - Achieved!

✅ Travel and Speak in New York. - Achieved!

✅ Travel and speak in India - Achieved!

✅ Launch the Global Authors Summit™ - Achieved!

✅ Organize Mission Happiness Conference, Money&Me Conference, workshops, and Book Launches for the graduates of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge. -- Achieved! Tickets were sold out on 90% of those conferences, workshops, and book launches. 

Including some of my happy goals such as: 

✅ Meet celebrities and give them copies of my book. - Achieved!

✅ Meet Alden Richards. - Achieved! I gave a talk for COMGUILD held at the Ateneo de Manila University and he accepted an award.  

✅ Become a super hero for a night! - Haha, this was a happy goal. Achieved! This was during the Toastmasters Convention Fellowship Night :)  


✅ ✅ ✅ and so many other goals!  

I'm amazed at how this goal setting system works!  

The Goal-Setting “Blueprint” worked for other people, too!  

In a very informal way, my friends and I tested this formula. We traveled to Baguio and did this particular goal-setting exercise

(Photo courtesy of Mae Isabelle Turiana)

...and their results were amazing!  

✅ Chris was able to write and publish his book.

✅ In less than a year after we did this particular “goal-setting” exercise in Baguio City, my friends Joy, Mae, and Mimay put up their own food business. 

Not only that, they were mentored by no less than Bro. Bo Sanchez’s business mentor Dean Pax Lapid.  

Eventually, they decided to go back to employment because they realized that's what their hearts desire. 

✅ Divine got married to her dream husband Gelo and they are now pregnant with their first baby. They asked me to host their wedding. 

I’d love to share the formula for goal-setting and goal-getting with you as well.  

How to Set and Get Your 2020 Goals

As we enter another year, how would you feel if you are able to set the right goals and get those goals?  

Here’s what you will learn:  

Module 1: The 2 G's from the Previous Year that You'll Need this Coming Year  

Review the past year and take note of the 2 G’s that you will need in the coming year. The first G will fuel you and motivate you in 2019. The 2nd G will help you become wiser and better in 2019!  

In addition, let’s review your past year further. Are there PFTs you need to let go of so you can move forward? PFTs that drag you down?

Module 2: Discover Your Life Purpose  

In this module, you will learn how important it is to discover your life purpose. We’ll also do a simple exercise to help you uncover your life purpose. (If you already know your life purpose, that’s great! Let this module help you fine tune your life purpose and see how you should reconnect with it on a daily basis).  

Many people go through life not knowing what they are called to do. Stop. Know your life purpose and everything will make sense.  

In fact, before you set your goals, you need to know your life purpose first. All your goals must be aligned to your purpose. What we don’t want to happen is to set goals, work hard on these goals, only to realise these goals won’t make us happy in the end and that we were not supposed to pursue the goals in the first place.  

In this module, you will also learn how to set your theme for 2018. This theme will be your guide or mantra the entire year.  

Module 3: The Five things your Goals Must Have for them to Work

When it comes to goal-setting, we’ve often heard the term SMART. This is a good start. But I'd like to propose a new framework that will help us set the right goals and get those goals faster! The goals that will resonate well with you.  

Why is it that some of our goals work and some don’t? In this module, we will uncover the five crucial things your goals must have. The acronym is G.O.A.L.S.  

Module 4: Ready, SET, Goals!

How do you know which goals to prioritise?  

Here, you will begin to write down your goals and you’d have the distinct advantage of checking whether your goals meet the 5 characteristics.  

Make sure that your goals cover the five most important aspects of your life: Faith, Family and relationships, Finances, F_______, and F_______. Can you guess the other two?  

I'll also share a technique I learned from Brian Tracy on how to train your subconscious mind to attract opportunities that will lead you closer to your goals and activate the Law of Attraction.  

Module 5: How to Commit to Your Goals no matter what!

Based from an informal survey I conducted, a number of people have problems following through their goals. Along the way, they lose their enthusiasm and focus. Along the way, they get busy. Some also doubted whether they could achieve their goals.  

So how do you commit to your goals? The secret is B&W. Once you have this B&W, your excuses will pale in comparison to your B&W and this will motivate you to commit to your goals. Treat B&W as the foundation for your goals. The stronger the foundation is, the more committed you are to your goals.  

Module 6: How to GET Your Goals

Setting your goals is just one part of the equation. Of course, you’d want to achieve your goals, right? In this module, you will set your action plan and strategies on how to achieve your goals.  

Plus, I will teach you how to calendar your goals and plug your goals into your yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily calendar. This is the Law of Action in action!  

Module 7: Declare Your Goals

This is a powerful strategy. My friends and I have been doing this and it works! But to whom should you share your goals? How do you declare your goals so you’d always be reminded of them?  

In this module, I’ll give you 5 powerful ways to declare your goals. These ways have been proven and tested. I’ve been doing this myself for years and they worked! As of this writing, I am currently reading Jack Canfield’s Success Principles book and I love the strategies he shared as well.  

Module 8: The Letter!  

This is powerful! You will write a letter that would define the course of your 2020. Hint hint! This letter is a deal maker! This letter will cement your 2020 goals. I'm so sure you'll LOVE this! 

And there’s more! I love giving bonuses! Here are the bonuses:

BONUS #1: Goal Setting Blueprint 2020 Workbook

You can print this so you can follow along as we discuss the modules. 

BONUS #2: My 2020 GOALS Template  

This is a one-page template where you can write down your goals, print it, and post it where you can see it all year round.  

BONUS #3: Blank Cheque

Write down the target amount of money you want to make in 2020. 

How much is your investment?  

When I checked into a hotel outside Manila for 5 days just to set goals, I spent around P25,000 for hotel alone. If you include the gas, toll, and food, maybe that was around P35,000.  

But that’s just the cost in terms of money. The opportunity cost in terms of time was much more expensive.  

But I was glad I went on the 5-day goal-setting exercise. Because that's where I really started to lay down the blueprint for Goal-Setting. Through the years, I continually tweaked it.  

Last December 2017, I invested in an online course on success and personal development. The cost? It was P250,000! But I got an early bird rate and bought it for only P200,000. Still a big amount, right? That's because I saw value in that online course. 

Imagine your most important goals for 2020. 

How much would you be willing to pay to achieve those goals?  

For the value you’ll get, I’m thinking of charging P20,000. But I wanted to make this affordable to as many people as possible. So I made the price affordable. 

This Self-Study Online Course is P10,000 only! That's is like 27 pesos per day only!

If you register on or before Jan 18, 2019, you will get it at a discounted price of P7,997 only (SAVE P2,000)

Regular Rate: P9,997 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I have access to the Goal-Setting Blueprint 2019?  

A: We’ll send your log in details on Jan 24, 2020 (Friday) so you can start setting your 2020 goals right away!  

Q: How long is my access for the Goal-Setting Blueprint 2020? A: You will have LIFETIME access for it. 

Q: In a nutshell, how will this Goal-Setting Blueprint 2020 benefit me? A: You will gain clarity as regards what you really, really want in life. You will gain the confidence to set goals because you are clear about your purpose. You'll learn how to set the right goals that are grounded in your purpose and that will make you truly happy.  

GSB 2020 will help you be consistent and disciplined in following through your goals. The best part? GSB 2020 will help you achieve your goals faster!  

Q: How much time should I allot to go through the Goal-Setting Blueprint (GSB) online course?

A: Good news! The formula for GSB 2020 is so easy to follow. All you need is eiher one whole day or set aside one hour each day for five days to go through the online course. So my suggestion is to have a ME time, watch the videos and do the mini-workshop online. 

Remember, as Brian Tracy said, “Every minute you spend planning will save you 10 minutes in execution."

Q: Do you offer instalment? A: Absolutely! You can opt for our 5 months instalment of P1,900 only per month!

Note that this is applicable only for online payments. 


The Self-Study Online Course is only P10,000.  

If you register on or before January 18, 2020, you will get it at a discounted price of P7,997 only (SAVE P2,000!)  

Regular Rate: P9,997 

Early Bird Rate ends in


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You will receive a confirmation within 24-48 hours. You will receive your log in details on Jan 24, 2020. 

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