The 90-Day Productivity Planner

Accomplish your most important goals faster!

Have you ever felt so stressed out because there's too much work and there’s not enough time?  

Do you wonder why sometimes, you get things done fast while other times, it would take you forever to accomplish a single task?  

Do you want to accomplish your most important goals faster, better, and without feeling overwhelmed?  

You’re in the right place.  

Hi Everyone! I’m Sha Nacino. I can relate with you.

One day, I looked at my loooooong 'To Do' list and woah! I was overwhelmed! So I tried to relax by mindlessly scrolling up my Facebook newsfeed. Then I clicked some links and read some articles online. Before I knew it, I’ve already spent hours online but I didn’t get my real work done.  

That’s when I realised what was happening. I was too busy trying to distract myself from the real tasks. I was busy but I wasn’t productive. This is exactly what happens to us when we try to accomplish so many things in one day.  

That prompted me to closely observe how the highly successful and happy people live their lives. How come some people can accomplish their most important goals fast; yet, they have time to date their loved ones, eat the right food, exercise, do ministry work, etc.?  

Answer? It boils down to this: They know how to prioritize on a daily basis. Emphasis on the words prioritize and daily. They are intentional in saying No to less important things so they can say Yes to their most important goals on a daily basis.  

Productivity has a Formula  

This is the reason why I came up with The 90-Day Productivity Planner which I carefully developed and tweaked through the years.  

The idea behind this 90-Day Productivity Planner came from my signature online course The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge ( Using a simple formula for writing a book, I’ve helped a number of first-time authors write their books in 90 days even if they are not writers and they are busy in their respective jobs or businesses.  

In the same way, The 90-Day Productivity Planner follows a very simple formula. In fact, you only need 10 minutes a day to plan and review your daily goals and you’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish in 90 days compared to what you can accomplish in 365 days without proper planning.  

My mentor, international bestselling author Brian Tracy said,  

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!”  

In a nutshell, this Planner will help you accomplish your most important goals faster; thus, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy life.

How to Use The #90DayProductivityPlanner 

MORNING ROUTINE : what are the things you do the moment you wake up? Your morning routine sets your mood for the day.  

TOP 3 GOALS : these are the things you need to accomplish for the day. These are your most important goals for the day.  

Apply the Pomodoro Technique when working on your goals. The Pomodoro Technique helps you work in short sprints to increase your focus and productivity. You will take short breaks which will allow you to refresh and stay motivated.  

Here’s how the Pomodoro Technique works.  

1. Choose a particular task or goal you want to accomplish. 2. Set your phone timer (or any timer) for 25 minutes. For the next 25 minutes, focus on that one particular task. Don’t check your phone messages/calls or Facebook. Focus. 3. When the timer is up, you can take a break. Set 5 minutes as your break. During your break, you can check your phone or FB, you can walk around, or do anything that relaxes you. 4. Just repeat steps 1-3 until that particular task or goal is done.  

Take note that 25 minutes focus time and 5 minutes break time are just your guide. Do what works for you. It could be 15 mins and 2 mins, or 45 mins and 10 mins.  

OTHER GOALS : these are the other things you need to do for that day. Since all of us have only 24 hours in a day, write down your other goals but decide whether you should Do, Delegate, Delay, or Delete them.  

Don't strive to do everything in one day. Say no to other goals so you can say yes to your top 3 goals.  

MID-DAY REST & RELAXATION : this pertains to the things you do to keep you energized, happy, and sane.  

#HEALTHGOALS : This is a checklist of the things you can do to care for your health.  

MY GREATEST WIN TODAY : What are you most proud of today? It’s important to learn to acknowledge our daily wins and celebrate our victories to keep us motivated.  

MY GREATEST LESSON TODAY : This allows you to keep learning and growing everyday.  

EVENING ROUTINE : how do you plan to cap your day? What do you do in the evening after work and before you sleep?  

Before you sleep, complete this: I am happy and grateful because…  

***Fill out tomorrow's schedue tonight.  


At the start of every month, you will also write down your most important goals. At the end of the month, review how your month went by writing down your top 3 wins and your top 3 lessons. End it with an affirmation.  


I personally use this Planner. I actually made this planner for myself because I couldn't find a planner that would allow me to stay focused, productive, and balanced. Hehe! Prior to creating this #90DayProductivityPlanner, I was using 3 notebooks to keep my daily schedule organized and to stay productive. So I curated this Planner to keep everything in one place. 

And then I realized, the #90DayProductivityPlanner works for other people, too! In fact, one person loved the #90DayProductivityPlanner so much she ordered 42 copies for all the members of her team!

Here's an actual entry from my #90DayProductivityPlanner which I posted on Instagram.  

Why Most Planners Don't Work 

I've surveyed a number of people and asked them why they don't buy planners or why they don't use the planners they bought.

Here were their top 3 concerns:

 - It's too heavy! I don't want to carry it in my bag everyday.

- It's too beautiful, I don't want to write on it and dirty it. 

- One year?! Just thinking that I need to use the planner for one year overwhelms me. 

Why the #90DayProductivityPlanner Works

There is a science behind how The 90-Day Productivity Planner and how the information was curated. When you use it well, it will make you more productive; thus, you'll have more time to enjoy life and relax. Check out what I wrote above re How to Use The 90-Day Productivity Planner. 

In addition to that, The 90-Day Productivity Planner is

> Very Light - though it's hard bound, the planner is very light. You'd love to carry it in your bag every day! 

> Easy to write on - You'd love to write on it and you're not too conscious whether you might make erasures or whether your penmanship is bad or whether you might dirty it. Why? Because it has no frills, no fancy colors nor fancy papers. 

> 90 Days, my friend - How do you tackle a big goal? Break it down into bite-sized pieces. If a one-year planner is too overwhelming for you, try it out for 90 days. I bet you'd love it so much, you'll go for the next 90 days, then the next. Then the next. 

How much is the #90DayProductivityPlanner? 

For the value the planner can give you, I could easily price it at P900. But I decided to make it affordable so more people can afford it.

It's not P900. Not even P700.

SRP is P550 only. 

But here's a better deal! Our launching price is P400 only until January 15, 2018! 

Who Should Get the #90DayProductivityPlanner? 

Entrepreneurs. Freelancers. Managers. ManCom Team. Leaders. Authors. Students. Financial Advisors. Toastmaster.

Anyone who wants to develop good habits on a daily basis. 

Anyone who wants to stay productive instead of being overwhelmed.

Anyone who wants to stay healthier and happier. 

Get this Planner not just for yourself, but for your family members as well.

If you are team leader or a manager, how about getting planners for all the members of your team? In fact, one person ordered 42 copies for all the members of her team.

The 90-Day Productivity Planner is the missing link between your BIG GOALS and your daily goals. 

We officially launched The 90-Day Productivity Planner during Bo Sanchez's Kerygma Conference 2017 and these were some of the peole who got their copies.  

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