Attention: Entrepreneurs, Leaders, & Driven Professionals…

Do You Want to EXCEL in Your Business or Profession, ENJOY Life to the Fullest and Feel Good as You ENRICH the Communities?

Nope, the Key is NOT About Marketing/Selling... It's Much, Much Deeper Than That!

Are you asking these questions?

🖊 “I lost my passion. I know my purpose, but how do I regain the drive to pursue it?”

🖊 “How do I maintain the sustainability of my business? ”

🖊 “I was once an entrepreneur but my business closed already.  My challenge now is, how do I start a business again? ”

🖊 “How do I overcome my own doubts, my fear of failure?”

🖊 “How can I be consistent in doing my business even if failure is happening? “

🖊  “I want to rediscover the art of being in the moment and enjoying life. How do I get there?”

🖊 “How do I have self-discipline? And not the ‘Do It Later’ Mentality.”

If you can relate to any of the questions above, you've come to the right place.

Hi, Sha Nacino here. 

People see me as a speaker who've given talks in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives, U.S.A., UAE, India, Spain, etc and an author who've written 14 books and has helped over 100 first-time authors write and publish their books.

People see my success... But what they didn't see was the fact that... 


That I’m NOT any different than you.

I can still remember that particular day as if it happened just yesterday...

It was almost lunch time, I only had Php50 in my wallet and my salary would arrive in three days. That was all the money I had!  

I was hungry but I was ashamed to borrow money from my colleagues. I phoned my father who’s based in the province, some 12 hours away from Manila.  

“Pa, can I borrow Php1,000?”  

In less than an hour, my Papa sent me the money via LBC. 

He wanted to increase the amount but I assured him that Php1,000 would be fine.  

From my office in Ayala Avenue, I walked all the way to Buendia with my pencil cut skirt, a nice top, and high heels. 

I had to traverse the stretch of Buendia to locate LBC and get my Php1,000. I had no umbrella and the heat of the sun melted my make-up. 

I felt like a foolish clown who was on the verge of crying. Had there been cameras around, the scene would have been perfect for a funny, melodramatic music video.  

My physical hunger and my aching feet were nothing compared to what I felt inside. 

I felt stripped of my dignity, walking kilometers on a hungry stomach just to get my Php1,000 — and it’s all because I didn’t know how to manage my money! 

That exact experience made me...

Search For A Solution 

I was desperate to improve my finances. I started to read financial management books.  

I was learning a lot. Not only did I read books. I attended financial management seminars almost every month!  

Slowly, inch by inch, my finances began to improve. My mindset on money changed.  

After three years of reading financial management books, attending financial management seminars, and talking to people who are successful in their finances...

I was able to zero out my credit card debts! I couldn’t have been happier. I felt as if a big, heavy boulder was lifted off my shoulder.  

After 9 years of working in a bank, I quit my job so I can pursue my passion in writing and public speaking full time.

I was not a speaker, I was so painfully shy, and introverted.

Now, I speak to companies, big and small.

I've been hired by some of the biggest brands like HSBC, Mercedez Benz, BPI, Ayala Land, AXA, SGS, BNI, Toastmasters International, etc. I've traveled and spoken to countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, U.S., UAE, Spain, and the Maldives.

In 2019, I was so pleasantly surprised to be awarded as the Female Entrepreneur of the Year by the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council.

The awarding ceremony was held in Chennai, India.  The award came as a surprise because I didn't expect it, I was simply enjoying my business. I am so grateful for the award because it's an affirmation from a global organization that what I do matters.

I also started running my own company and it felt good to be able to provide jobs for other people.

But nope...

This is NOT Your ‘Typical Fairytale Story’

Life was good and all.


I was stuck at some point in my business. 

There were times I got so busy, I would work from 6:00 AM until 12 midnight. After I achieved a certain goal, I would set another goal. 

I was always hustling!

I didn't know how to pause and celebrate. It was a never-ending chase and I experienced major burnout. 

Until it has led me to discover these...

Two Things That Helped Me Changed (almost) Everything 

Fast forward to today.

My business is thriving. 

I feel so happy and fulfilled knowing that what I and my team do in the business IMPACT the world in a concrete way. 

After years of learning and re-learning how to do business, and years of investing in my self-growth, a lot of things have changed!

What contributed to the change?

Two things: 

Gratitude & Self-Growth.

If you think that’s not something mind blowing?

...wait until you see what this has done for me and my business!

During the pandemic, we were able to serve over 25,000+ HR professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals from 50+ countries globally. 

The BIGGEST Virtual Summit for HR Professionals and Business Leaders Globally

I was glad and grateful, that through the…

World Gratitude Summit 

We were able to help people...

Discover the Secrets on

How to Stay Mentally Healthy

and Thrive Financially

thru the Power of Gratitude

Here’s what the participants shared: 

You see…

I learned how to celebrate each milestone. I now know how to relax and have fun.

I've been investing in my self-growth and personal development since 2005. 

As a personal empowerment speaker, author, and consultant for over 9 years, here’s what I found out:

🔍 Entrepreneurs and high performing professionals struggle in overworking themselves...

🔍 ...and constantly chasing the next level of success!

As A Result?

They devote so much time in the business and have less time to really relax and savor the moment. 

And here’s what’s even more interesting...

I also observed that many entrepreneurs are feeling stuck...

...even if they are highly talented and skilled! 

Does this strike a chord in your heart?


If you are an Entrepreneur, a Business Leader or a Driven Professional who:

fears failing 

✅ is threatened by the financial security of your family.

gets easily distracted and lack focus

has regular stresses w/ bills, but no EXTRA funds

is fed up with stress, overwhelm, and lack of fulfillment

But you...

🚀 🚀🚀 Want to Take Your Business to the NEXT Level  🚀 🚀🚀

Then there’s no other option left, but to thrive!

In the past few years, I’ve received hundreds of requests from people asking me...

“Can You Be My Mentor?”

“Sha, can you be my mentor?”

And yes, I did mentor hundreds and thousands of people through my books, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, seminars, online courses, online summits, email newsletters, etc.

Those channels were effective.


I also noticed that for many of you... want to have ongoing access to continuous learning and you want to be part of a supportive and uplifting community.

This is the reason why I am finally launching my first-ever Online Group Membership Program.


Unlike other online membership programs that focus on skills, sales, and marketing, what I do is I help you…

Focus On Your Business’ #1 Asset


And help you unlock:

🔑 Your gratitude quotient

🔑 Your unique creativity genius, and... 

🔑 Your full potential through self-growth and gratitude. 

As Jim Rohn once said, "Your level of success seldom exceeds your level of personal development."

Here are the three main things I want to help you with through THRIVE University:  

EXCEL in your business.  

If you want to excel in your business, you need to excel as the leader of your business. How? By investing in your self-growth. 

As the leadership expert John Maxwell said, and I am paraphrasing…

You are the LID in your business.

The extent of how successful your business can get depends on how successful YOU as the leader of your business can get. 

ENJOY life and feel a deep sense of fulfillment…

...knowing that what you do is aligned with your values and purpose. 

You find meaning in what you do. You see work as a vocation and a beautiful mission that makes you feel so alive! 

You will learn how to love yourself, understand your worth, and learn how to enjoy relaxing without feeling guilty. 

ENRICH the communities you operate in. 

As an entrepreneur, you'd feel so proud of yourself because you know that your business enriches the communities -- your employees, suppliers, clients, the society, your country, and the world! 

When you join Thrive University, you’ll receive these INCREDIBLE blessings…

 💥 Live Monthly Masterclass with Sha  💥

(valued at USD1,200 every year)

During our LIVE Monthly Masterclass, we'll talk about the top things you absolutely need in order to excel in your business/profession, enjoy your life, and enrich the world through what you do! You also get to ask me questions during the masterclass.

And since you’re in a membership, we will journey together through the MONTHLY talks.

💥 Monthly Group Mastermind  💥

 (valued at USD997 every year)

Let me ask you…

Who do you hang out with?

Jim Rohn used to say this…

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Joining the Thrive University lets you meet other people who speak the same language. The language of personal development. People who are also driven and ambitious.

Did I just mention that this is going to be monthly? This means you  get to network with them and share best ideas and practices on a MONTHLY basis!.

But more than these, these special individuals can give you this gift: A larger money mindset. They expand your idea of what’s possible.

💥 Weekly Challenges  💥

 (valued at USD997 every year)

I’m not a fan of learning passively.

What’s the use of accumulating knowledge if you don’t apply it, right?

Weekly challenges are very simple, practical, doable and powerful action items you can do as an application of what you learned during the live masterclass. 

We’re not just theories here. You don’t just learn. You get to apply. 

Over time, little actions done consistently will have a compounding effect.

You’ll gain clarity in what you really want to do. As you take the first step, the next step unfolds. Things get clearer and clearer and clearer. 

You’ll also gain confidence knowing that you are someone who takes action. You are dependable. 

You can trust yourself that you can do it. And people around you will feel that. That you know how to value your words. And that they can trust your words.

💥 Community of Like-Minded People  💥


Do you want to have a clue on how much you’ll earn in the next 5 years?

I’ve always loved this analogy of Bro Bo Sanchez:

Do this.

First, on a piece of paper, write the names of 5 friends that you hang out with most often.

Second, write each of their monthly incomes. (Guess.)

Third, add them all up.

Fourth, divide them by 5.

Guess what: There’s a high probability that the answer to that question will be your monthly income five years down the road.

You don’t like the prediction?

You can change it.


Change the people you hang out with.”

It is important to have a community that you can count on as you journey as an entrepreneur or as a leader. 

Inside the Thrive University, you have a group that you can go to if you have questions. 

This means you feel supported. And when you feel supported, you’re more confident.

💥 Jack Canfield’s Top Success Principles  💥

Imagine getting into the brain of someone who's so successful and who devoted his life to studying, teaching and practicing what it takes to be successful regardless of your business or profession. 

Imagine having someone who is in touch with some of the world’s happiest and most successful people in the world!

Imagine having someone doing the research for you instead of  you doing it for yourself. Imagine a highly successful person do that for you and break it down for you in simple terms

I'm talking about Jack Canfield and his famous success principles.


Imagine a certified Jack Canfield Trainer on Success Principles teaching you all of these...and more!

Yep, as somebody trained by Jack Canfield, I can help you save time learning about these principles and how they’re applicable in your daily life.

This means, instead of figuring things on your own, your time can be well spent doing other things. Things like spending more time with your family. 

💥 Save a Lot of Your Time 💥

Want to learn something? All the information that you want to learn can be found online...with just a few clicks!

Sure, Google can help you with just about anything…

...but there’s one thing it cannot give you.

Guess what that is?


Google can give you over a million suggestions. If you go through all these suggestions, it can probably take you 25 years or 30 years to figure out which of this information is helpful.

What if you save time because we've already done the hard part of figuring out which is relevant and which is not.

What we do at Thrive University is to really drill down. And to discuss only the information that you need at the moment.

I will not stuff you with so many materials that you won’t be able to consume anyway.

So what we’ll do every single month is to just focus on the necessary things for us to be able to:

✅ Excel in our respective businesses or profession

✅ Enjoy your life

✅ Enrich the communities

💥 Unleashing the Power of Gratitude 💥

I’m not going to sugar coat it.

If you’re looking for overnight success and results, joining Thrive University cannot help you with that right away. 

But knowing how to unleash the power of gratitude will help you learn how to shift your mood in just a few seconds. You’ll gain perspective.

It will give you the motivation like no money and external success can.

💥 We Will Focus on Your #1 Business Asset 💥

We live in a fast changing world. 

Because of technology, certain jobs and professions and even industries can vanish in an instant. 

For example, you may be the most skilled language translator in the world and that’s the one thing that you do best and you’re so good at it.

But in a snap, a software is being developed. It can do what you can do in hours in just a few seconds. 

Imagine if that’s all you do and it’s taken away from you. 

But what if instead of focussing on 1 skill, we focus on YOU as a person?

I’m talking about YOU. 

You are a genius. You are highly creative (you just don't know yet). You are resilient.

Imagine if we can unleash those in you. 


Even if your profession vanishes, you can easily adjust mentally and emotionally because you know that you are highly creative, there’s a solution to that challenge and you can rise above. 

If you can unleash your creativity, you can thrive and create solutions under any circumstance.  


You should be. Because you can replace your fears with excitement knowing what’s possible for YOU. 

 Now, you’re probably asking this question...

How Much Is The Investment?

USD2,000 (or Php100,000). 

That’s the CHEAPEST mentorship fee you’ll have to pay if you were to “hire” me for a one-on-one half-day coaching/consultation. 

A kinda steep price, right?


And you can only be mentored by me IF you qualify to certain standards.


Another option is to go for group coaching programs…


In the past, I've paid an average of USD1,000 to USD2,000 (Php50k - Php100k) for a one-month group coaching program.


Definitely lower than 1-on-1 coaching, but still a huge money if you ask me.

Here’s another perspective I want you to look at: 

In 2019, I attended an 8-day seminar and I spent over Php300,000 (USD6,000) for the seminar fee, my plane fare to and from the U.S., hotel accommodations, etc. 

I hired a coach and paid him Php50,000 (USD1,000) for a 3-day coaching. 

If I look at the return on my investment, I'd do it all over again!

If someone would offer me a group online mentoring program that would give me the results I want and need, I'd pay USD1,997 (Php100,000)/year in a heartbeat!


For Thrive University, I won’t ask you to pay USD1,997 (Php100,000).

In fact, I won’t even ask you to pay HALF that price.


Because, you’ll get one-year access to everything for only…

💥 Here's What the Thrive U Members Are Saying 💥

When you click the button, you’ll be redirected to a secure third party check out page so your information remains 100% confidential.


You can pay via credit card or debit card.


​Once your payment has been verified, you’ll get a confirmation email with your login details to get instant access to the Thrive University membership site.


It’s that SIMPLE.


And to make this easily the best no-brainer deal you’ve seen…


I’m giving you access to…

💥 BONUS #1: Master Interviews 💥

(well-curated and chosen interviews with some of the world’s best thought leaders valued at P40,000)  

Who are the top 3 people that you admire the most?

Imagine if you can talk to them for 30 minutes and pick their brains and ask them questions.

One of the things you get to enjoy inside Thrive University is to take advantage of decades of experience and expertise of our featured World’s Best Thought Leaders!


Bo Sanchez
- bestselling author of over 50 books!
Hal Elrod - bestselling author of the book The Miracle Morning
Jack Canfield - bestselling author of the book series Chicken Soup for the Soul that sold over 500 million copies worldwide

More to come!!!

You’ll feel a special connection with these people as if you know them.

I've done over 100 interviews with some of the world's most successful people. And nope, I won't overwhelm you with all these interviews. I will only choose which ones you need to save you time and for you to get the results you want.

💥 BONUS #2: Recordings of the Previous Masterclasses 💥

Masterclass #1: How to Love the Most Important Person in Your Life

Masterclass #2: What is Your Morning Routine?

Masterclass #3: How to Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever!

Masterclass #4: How to Uncover Your Life Purpose

Masterclass #5: The Courage to Act!

Masterclass #6: Productivity Hacks

Masterclass #7: Power of Gratitude

Masterclass #8: The Power of Gratitude at Work (or in Business)

Masterclass #9: How To Get Unstuck and Move Forward (with Senthil Raj)

💥 Here's What the Thrive U Members Are Saying 💥

By now, you’ve already seen how much cash-multiplying VALUE you’ll get from joining Thrive University.


And I can already imagine the impact these would have on you as an Entrepreneur, Business Leader or Driven Professional… you wouldn't  feel overworked or burned out because what you do is something you’re passionate about!


If you're an entrepreneur or a high achiever and you are ready to invest in your #1 asset — YOURSELF — so that you can excel in your business, enjoy life to the fullest, and feel good as you enrich the communities, I'd like to invite you to join me.

You can also choose the annual plan and pay only 24,997 or USD497/year (instead of USD1,997)!

Low on budget? We've got you covered. You can opt for the monthly rate for 2,450 or USD49/month.

💥 Here's What the Thrive U Members Are Saying 💥

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