Discover the Secrets on How to Stay Mentally Healthy and Thrive Financially in the Midst of Crisis Through the Power of Gratitude!

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Are you an entrepreneur who is worried because your business was badly hit by the pandemic and you want to bounce back? 

Are you a corporate leader who is concerned how to keep your team motivated and engaged so your organization can thrive? 

Are you an employee who is anxious about getting laid off because your company is not doing so well? Or were you part of the millions that were already laid off? 

Are you anxious because you are not certain when all this will end and what will happen in the future? 

If you want to bounce back and THRIVE in the new normal, GRATITUDE is no longer optional. It's non-negotiable!

This is a 3-Day Summit designed to help you happier, healthier, and thrive in the midst of the pandemic.

Day 1 is about Mental Wellness.

Day 2 is dedicated to helping Entrepreneurs thrive.

Day 3 is about how you Move Forward with gratitude.

Here's our good news for you! 

You can join the WORLD GRATITUDE SUMMITâ„¢ for free in the comfort of your own home. You don't need to pay a single peso, dollar, euro, or pounds to get your FREE PASS. 

Your FREE PASS allows you to have access to the summit as it airs live on Aug 13-15, 2020!

It starts at 9:00AM PH/SG time and ends at 6:00PM

Registration is simple. All you need to do is to click the link below to get your FREE PASS. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really free? I won't pay anything? 

You are absolutely right! All you need to do is to register for your FREE Pass by clicking the button below. 
Your FREE Pass gives you around 12 hours access to the summit as it airs on Aug 13 - 15, 2020.

Why is it FREE? What's the catch?
As the host and founder of the World Gratitude Summit, creating a world-class virtual event with my team where we bring together some of the world's top authors, thought leaders, and gratitude experts and share this summit with you brings me so much inexplicable JOY! 

There's no catch. You'd be able to attend this world-class virtual event  in the comfort of your own home -- for free! All we want is for you to use gratitude for good nd let's help create a better, happier, healthier world. 

More than ever, the global pandemic taught us that we are all connected. It's a small world after all. We're all in this together. So let's look after each other. 

I only have a little favor. Can you share this summit to your family and friends? Thank you! :)

What if I want to get LIFETIME access to the summit? Can I do that? 
Yes, we're happy to share that you can avail of the VIP All-Access Pass at a discounted rate! You'd be surprised how low we priced the VIP PASS. The VIP All-Access Pass includes Lifetime Access to the summit, The Thrive Package, plus cool Bonuses! 

Oh wow! I want to upgrade to the VIP Pass now! How can I upgrade?
That's great! Register for the FREE Pass first. Right after you register, there will be a link you can click so you can upgrade to the VIP Pass.

Meet the Summit Host

Sha Nacino is a trusted global speaker on Gratitude and Creativity and an author of 12 books. 

She is the founder of the World Gratitude Summit, Global Authors Summit, and Write a Book Summit.  As a speaker, Sha has spoken and addressed thousands of audiences in different countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, HongKong, Malaysia, India, Spain, U.S., and the Maldives.

Sha was awarded by the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council as the Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019.  You can reach Sha at or